This is what we do

We start with real Colorado rocks - not resin, concrete or composites!


  • Rounded river rocks
  • Jagged basalt, sandstone and granite 
  • Pink and tan flagstone   
  • Or you can bring your favorite rock to us.

We set up the words and images you want.


You can choose from our standards or work with us to choose the font, size and color you want with your image.

Then we sandblast your rock in our Golden, Colorado shop.

 Your rock is beautiful, permanent and uniquely yours.  Whether a special pet memorial rock, a sign for your home or a decorative addition to your garden, the finished product is one-of-a-kind. 

Your rock is finished and delivered in 7 to 10 days.

order your rock

order a rock

Or Create a Custom Rock


  For your pet memorial rock or decorative garden stone, you can be as creative as you'd like - take a look at the examples on our PAST WORK page, then send an email to We'll send you a proof and a quote!


For your  rock, you can select an image from our STANDARD IMAGES page or describe another image you'd like. We have access to thousands of beautiful images and we'll send you a sample.


If you have a  business logo or a graphic file you'd like to use, attach it to an email to We can sandblast most vector graphics - respecting trademark and copyright laws, of course.


Interested in a rock with an unusual color or shape ? Tell us  in an email what you'd like and we'll send you photographs of  interesting rocks we have in stock.


If you'd like a special font for the custom lettering on your rock, please let us know at  We'll send you proof before we sandblast anything.

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